Interior Design Fall Favorites

Fall is here….well not quite yet in Arizona, but it’s approaching. For now, we can pretend it’s here by rounding up our favorite fall clothing, scents, and home goods. Bring on the pumpkins, sweaters, and all the yummy fall scents. Take a look through our interior design fall favorites list!

Striped Sweater | Ruffle Hem Dress | Nike Daybreak Sneakers | Quilted Jacket | Oversized Sweater | Autumn Candle | Chunky Throw | Hooded Cardigan | Waffle Lounge Set | Linen Bedding | Felt Hat

Shelving Tips

Everyone loves a good shelfie right? While everyone wants to have shelves that look professionally styled it seems achieving that perfect, styled balance is hard for most people. Well don’t fear I am here to bring some helpful insight to this subject. There are a few things to keep in mind while styling your shelves.

  1. Pick a color palette. You can never go wrong with a neutral color palette. Selecting items in varies shades within the same color palette will achieve a cohesive look that won’t be boring.

Tip: Turning books around keeps with the neutral color palette while adding lots of texture.

  1. Select an array of items. This can be vases, decorative objects,
    picture frames and books. Variety is key and do not be afraid to layer items to create texture that will draw the eye in.
  1. The shelves should also have objects varying in heights, texture and quantity. For example, one shelf might have 3 items the next shelf you may only have 2. When using one or two items on a shelf you want to keep a horizontal line for the eye to follow. Then on the next shelf try using more items, placing the largest piece in the middle creating a triangle effect.

Lighting for every budget

Lighting is arguably one of the most important items in a house. Good lighting can really take an average room and make it exceptional. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite lighting for every budget.

Brass Task Lamp | Woven Lamp | Task Lamp | Ceramic Table Lamp | Decker Table Lamp | Stacked Table Lamp | Ralph Lauren Lamp | Linden Table Lamp

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